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Create a powerful web responsive site to boost your business and get recognized online. Our service is affordable and unique especially for small businesses and middle-size companies.

Domain and Hosting Solutions
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Your responsive website comes with @yourdomainname emails, easy to manage and communicate. Get your company’s portfolio recognized. 

Hosting Packages

Minimum Plan

50$/y Cost
1000 MB Disk Space
10GB/M Bandwidth
5 Email Accounts
1 FTP Account
1 Database
2 Sub Domains
1 Parked Domains
1 Addon Domains

Small Plan

100$/y Cost
2000 MB Disk Space
20GB/M Bandwidth
10 Email Accounts
2 FTP Account
2 Database
3 Sub Domains
2 Parked Domains
2 Addon Domains

Medium Plan

140$/y Cost
3000 MB Disk Space
30GB/M Bandwidth
15 Email Accounts
3 FTP Account
3 Database
4 Sub Domains
3 Parked Domains
3 Addon Domains

Advanced Plan

175$/y Cost
4000 MB Disk Space
40GB/M Bandwidth
20 Email Accounts
4 FTP Account
4 Database
5 Sub Domains
4 Parked Domains
4 Addon Domains

Powerful Plan

200$/y Cost
5000 MB Disk Space
50GB/M Bandwidth
30 Email Accounts
5 FTP Account
5 Database
6 Sub Domains
5 Parked Domains
5 Addon Domains

Social Marketing Packages

Website Development Packages


Costs 200$
Web Responsive
Content Editable
3 Pages Maximum
Track Visits with Google Analytics
Perfect for Personal Sites


Costs 500$
Web Responsive
Content Editable
Up to 10 pages
Track Visits with Google Analytics
Powerful Design

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